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Website is an issue, on which customers generally ask largest number of questions before going for a deal. This is because options and variations are the largest in this field of business. If you have a lot of questions to ask, we would advice you go to the path FAQ > Web & Internet > Website Development or click on this shortcut before discussing with us.

Whether it be a dynamic site or a static one, whether it is for something highly technical or something for information only, we take special care to see that our sites always combine technology and aesthetics. So, every website that rolls out of the studio of ARC Group speaks for itself, not only for its technicality, but also for its highly artistic looks.

Our designs are original, because we do not use templates like most other developers do. We create every design from the scratch (on our own and show the customer through a temporary URL for approval or customers sometimes suggest a particular design conceived by them), unless customers choose to copy the design of any existing site. Only for very low cost websites we sometimes use similar design or formatting, but those are also our original designs, not imported from a template or copied from some other site.

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