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Dear Debotosh Dey's website visitor,

Thank you so much for taking interest in us. We would love to get your feedback on the site. Your feedback is valuable to us, particularly on our drawbacks which you may notice, which would help us in developing ourselves further.

Wherever you are in the world, you can also contact us in case you would like to get a new website developed or an existing website re-modelled or any customised software developed or get your multimedia jobs done by us.

We are an old organisation of Indian origin in the fields of Website & Software Development and Multimedia, operating globally. Our speciality lies in an unique combination of technology and artistry/ aesthetics of refined taste in each product that rolls out of our house. We are constantly upgrading our technology to stay ahead of most service providers, and when it comes to developing websites, we provide all the latest features that are suitable for any kind of sites including eCommerce sites like online shopping etc. We provide excellent backups and after sales relations with clients with superfast actions whenever required.

Warm regards,

For ARC Group,
Arnab Roy Chowdhury