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Modern websites attach priority on mobile/ tab users (who have outnumbered laptop/ PC users now), and use a new technology which automatically resize the contents or even change shapes or forms or alignments or aspect ratios of images, structures of charts/ tables, horizontal columns, etc based on the width and height of the screen and various other settings at the user end. So, priority has shifted to opening the sites equally effectively on all kinds of devices, like android smartphones, iPhones, tabs, laptops and PCs. Not only that, various new dynamic features have been included which did not exist earlier.

If you open our site from a laptop or a PC, the view would be somewhat like any of the following depending on the resolution (width and height) of your monitor:

After you scroll down, and the coverpic goes beyond your view, the menu bar gets fixed at the top like this:

But when you view it from a small screen, say, a small mobile phone, the view becomes somewhat like these:
(we have taken example from a 320x480px screen, that of a very standard Android smartphone)

(Note that in order to save space on a small screen, in the 2nd and 3rd images above, the names of the sections, i.e., About Us, Range of Services and Contact Us, have vanished, and have been automaticlly replaced by a menu icon with three stripes which will provide the dropdown menu when clicked)

Now, if the site was not interactive, it would have looked like this as below on the phone
(note the position of the horizontal scrollbar highlighted in red colour at the bottom of every image... in a perfectly interactive design, a horizontal scrollbar should not be present in any page... everything should fit in without having to scroll right and left, unless an image or a chart or something like that is purposely zoomed in by the user):

NOTE:  Although our site is technically faultless, some features of this site has some disadvantages too. There are various methods through which a site can be made interactive. Using one of them, we have created a demo, Click here to see how the same site would have looked if we made it that way. After the page opens, don't get confused, because the demo has a similar coverpic to our main site. When you will scroll down, you will understand the differences.


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