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Privacy Policy
Your privacy is importance to us at ARC Group in all matters. Whether it be your identity, contacts information, product privacy or any kind of business privacy, we maintain a high level of privacy. In the field of website development, clients often need to share certain information with us which are not to be published onsite or are not to be made public in any other way.
For website clients who pay a minimum amount of US$ 80 or INR 5,500 per year (i.e., excluding clients owning starter webpage or clients under special considerations of certain categories), have completed at least one cycle of yearly renewal and have a minimum level of activities (updates, etc.), we provide a free online support which is password protected.
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We send monthly news of ARC Group through emails only to those who subscribe (free of cost).
Minors (people under the age of 18) are not eligible to use the services of ARC Group, and we ask them not enter into any kind of contract with us or submit any personal information to us. If you are a minor, you can use our services only with the consent of your parents or guardians. ARC Group will not be responsible for any actions from minors without their parents'/ guardians' consent beyond our knowledge.