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This page is particularly suitable for individuals or organisations in various cultural fields located anywhere in the world. This page explains how our productions of publicity materials like, video demos, personal websites, Youtube channels, etc help in various fields of music, drama, dance, recitation, literature, drawing painting, magic and many more, and how we are different from many other service providers in this respect.
We have certain specialities which aren't found in most organisations in our field of business. Click on the ‘Our Speciality’ button above to know more.
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Film Making: Corporate Films, Training Films, Adfilms, Documentaries, Shortfilms, etc are made including shooting on location.
Videography/ Audiography: Creative videography for your business, professional or entertainment purposes done from almost scratch. You can know more on this in the ‘Our Speciality’ section reaching there from the button above.
Artistic Websites: This (multimedia) section developes highly artistic websites suitable for people in various cultural fields, with personal details, impressive photo gallery, various Youtube and other website links, etc at one place.
Graphics: World-class logo/ brochure designing, photo editing, etc done using finest tools.
Consultancy on marketing of profession and net publicity: Detailed guidance provided in English/ Hindi/ Bangla using video chat or phone calls or whatsapp messages or email, depending upon individual requirements. Personal appointments are also given based on certain conditions.
Film Making service is available only within India. All other services are global.
Our Speciality
Schedules & Commitments: This is one of our biggest assets. We value commitments in matters of terms & conditions and delivery schedules.
Quality of work: Many of the video makers are not qualified film makers which we are, and so our videos have that special touch of class. We also attach high values on the aesthetic parts of the websites, brochures, etc that we make.
Elephant from Rabbit: Many a time, clients are unable to provide adequate materials, where we use our differential thoughts, creative writing, translation etc and various kinds of softwares to produce videos and websites that are visually attractive and rich in contents and info.
As for example of a video, may be you give us some very ordinary audio or pictures and images captured in ordinary devices, and what you get in return is a stunning video out of it. We have seen from experience, that, in most cases, professional photography or high fidelity sound is not required to produce a high quality video. There are enhancing devices which serve the purpose for videos, audios and pictures. In case of music, just send us the basic recording and we will add appropriate visuals to it in cinematic style. There have been instances where a website client has just been able to provide us with a visiting card, from which we not only got the name, contact details, logo, etc, but some bulletted points on his or her line of activity on which we developed the contents through studies from Google which really surprised the client.
Editing & updates: We are very prompt about post production updates/ editing/ changes.
Pricing & guidance: Our pricing is highly optimised and reasonable, just enough to give you a world-class quality.
One of our specialities is, that, in case the client wants to know, we explain all technical matters, pricing breakups, etc in such a way that there remains no scope for any confusion or hesitation. Unlike most other business houses in our field of work, we even suggest cheaper options to our clients making them aware of their disadvantages. However, certain conditions do apply. These explanations are made only to genuine clients, not to anyone just enquiring without any business purpose with us.
Instalment payments: Optional instalment payment facilities are available for high-end work involving larger sums of money, subject to certain terms & conditions.
Film Making: Charges vary very widely, depending upon various factors, but, the minimum charge is INR 20,000 per contract. 50% of the charge is payable in advance, and the balance to the paid on completion of the project. Travelling and boarding lodging charges are extra for work outside West Bengal, or at locations more than 30 Kms from Esplanade.
Videography/ Audiography: Charges vary depending upon various factors, lengths and intricacies, but, the most common and standard charge is US$ 30 or INR 2,000 for making a video of upto 5 minutes of running time. For longer videos, various options are available. 50% of the charge is payable in advance, and the balance to the paid on completion, before delivery. For outstation and overseas clients, a small part of the video is uploaded as a demo to check the quality. The charges for audiography is relatively about half of that of videography.
Artistic Websites: Please check the website development charges at our mother site (main website of ARC Group) using the button provided at the top and bottom of this write up.
Graphics: The charges for this section varies very widely. It can be as low as only US$ 4 or INR 250 for a very simple work, whereas the upper limit can be US$ 800 or INR 50,000 or even more depending upon nature and volume of work and intricacies involved.
Consultancy on marketing of profession and net publicity: Depending upon circumstances, it is a one-time charge of either US$ 8 (INR 500) or US$ 16 (INR 1,000).
To write to us in English, Bengali or Hindi, please go to the following link: