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As already mentioned in other pages, publicity, fame, power and money never tempted me. So, most of my cultural activities for so many years remained unadvertised, and not too many records were kept anywhere systematically. Now that I thought of preparing this web profile of mine, I am putting a few Youtube links that I could find in my primary Google account. There are a few more videos here and there in some other Google accounts where I am singing or playing some musical instruments or reciting a poem, but none of those videos are upto my satisfaction because of various reasons like disturbances, poor audio quality, hazy pictures, etc.
Target links of the following preview images open in new Youtube windows. Quality of the preview images is poor, because they have been enlarged from small preview images on Youtube... sorry about it.
'Jhor' (the Storm)
Language: Bangla (Bengali)
(Written an narrated by me)
'Life --- a realization'
Language: Bangla (Bengali)
(Written an narrated by me)
'Kanchan Ranga' (A satire based drama)
Language: Bangla (Bengali)
(Directed by me and played a small role in it. The servant of the house, always ill-treated and insulted by all suddenly earns a fortune through lottery, and suddenly the behaviour of everyone changes towards him. Seen in the preview is me in the role of 'Botu Mastaan'.)
'Jodi Brishti Naame' (if it rains)
Language: Bangla (Bengali)
A shruti natak (audio drama) with Saswati Guha Thakurta based on triangular love
'Ekti Abastob Golpo' (Serio Comedy)
Language: Bangla (Bengali)
This is recorded from a Puja pandal drama in Kolkata, so the audio quality is poor, although not beyond understanding. I included this one here because the character which I played (in police uniform in the preview) is a very versatile one, involving various styles of acting like, funny, sad, traumatic, temporary insane, etc. The beginning of the drama might look a bit dull, but it gradually becomes interesting as it proceeds. One must listen from the beginning, otherwise the cue will be lost.
'ThugBeram' (a telefilm produced by SRFTI)
Language: Hindi / Gujrati
(The film went abroad and got some prize. It's a very short film anyway, and my role is of just a few minutes. I played the role of an elderly Gujrati gentleman in it as seen in the preview)
'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (Shakespearean Classic)
Language: Modern English (converted from Shakespearean English)
(Played by an institutional team of all ladies directed by me)