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Satyajit Ray
During my young days, I somehow came in very close contact with this legend. It’s my regret of a lifetime, that had I been born some ten or twenty years earlier, I could have had his guidance for a longer period of time. He was the person who could understand me in totality, as much as a mother understands her child. He could feel every impulse of my nerves even before I spoke out anything. In fact, without his inspiration, perhaps I would have remained far incomplete in my cultural world.
I used to discuss so many topics with him, from film to realities of life, music to philosophy, fine arts to economy, and what not.
Those were not the days of internet.. he wrote so many letters to me by hand, some in English, some in Bengali, which are my assets. Collectors wanted to buy them from me by paying a fortune, but I always disagreed.
When my father passed away, he wrote a heart-touching letter to me.