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Cultural Achievements
As a foreword, I would say, that since the beginning of time, I had always worked with utmost sincerity and dedication, but, unlike the basic human nature and rules followed by majority of people all over the world, I had never been too commercial minded and was also not much bothered about self publicity and self marketing all these years; otherwise my cultural milage would have been much more than what it has been. I had always maintained a low profile with lesser talk, and was happy with what all I did. So, I did not keep much records of my work (like audios, videos, etc.) in an organised way, which normally people do. Today, after reaching a certain age, I feel the need to write a few lines about myself for those who would be interested in reading them, that’s all.
As a musician (composer, lyricist, singer Indian and western and player of a wide variety of musical instruments), I have performed in many places and also on Indian Television and Radio (where I was a speaker also) and have received tonnes of prizes, certificates and appreciative press reviews right from the beginning of my creative days at a young age.
As an actor, both on stage and screen, I have worked with two leading Hindi drama groups, one English drama group (mainly on classics), a number of Bengali drama groups, online media (global drama groups and associations in India, Bangladesh, US, UK, etc.) and in telefilms.
As a drama director (on which I have worked the most and in all the three basic languages), I have worked with numerous groups and associations both within the country and outside online.
As an experimental film maker with a diploma in film making, made some experimental films. Also, made some professional adfilms, docufilms, etc. during earlier days. May get back again some day.
As a writer and poet, I have contributed lots of informative articles on varied subjects like film making, music, science & technology, etc. in reputed English, Hindi and Bengali dailies & periodicals, and have shared hundreds of novels, stories, short stories, poems, etc in emags, social networks, etc. I am also an experienced calligrapher, graphic artist and painter.