Cultural Profile

Hello friends,

The entire site of ARC Group has undergone a complete makeover with an entirely new appearanace in mid June, 2018. I am Arnab Roy Chowdhury, re-designing this personal section of the site all by myself. Some pages and subpages of this section are still under constuction, and might remain so for sometime more, owing to lack of priority against my professional work schedule. During this developmental period, I will work on adding contents to the incomplete pages here and there from time to time. I have taken special care to see that at least there is no broken or invalid link anywhere. However, there are hundreds of links and sublinks in the pages and subpages, and it is really a time-taking task for me or my people to test everything. So, I request you friends, in case you discover any kind of malfunction anywhere, please let us know, so that we can rectify it immediately.

Till this notice is visible, you are also advised to refresh every page you visit if you had visited it earlier on the same device. This is towards an additional precaution, in case your browser has remembered the erstwhile version of any page, in which case, all updated text contents or other elements may not show.

I regret this temporary inconvenience.

For visitors coming to this page for the first time without having read any of the pages under the arcgroup domain, I would like to introduce myself as Arnab Roy Chowdhury, running my business under the banner of ‘ARC Group’, which is into website & software development and multimedia. I am equally comfortable in operating in English, Hindi and Bengali languages. As you might have observed in the cover pic above, personally I am also into various kinds of cultural activities (the order of descriptions is not the same in the cover pics of my corporate and cultural profile pages).
Throughout my career, I had been a key person to voluntarily start cultural wings or cultural movements in numerous organisations, associations, clubs, etc where nothing of the sort existed earlier. In many such cases, I started from the scratch and discovered many hidden talents in acting, singing, reciting, anchoring, etc.
You may like to visit the other sub-sections using the navigation bar, to get an overview of my early life, my achievements, the personalised services rendered by me, my activities as a musician, creative actor, director, writer, poet, dramatist, calligrapher, graphic artist and painter, my childhood/ youth time/ present associations with celebrities, and so many other things and collections of my lifetime.